Intimate knowledge in the industry

One of the fundamental principles of our company philosophy is achieving indisputable quality at a fair price-performance ratio. That's why we plan our projects in a timely manner and tailor them to the needs of the client. Each industry is different, which is why we allocate highly qualified and well-coordinated specialist staff to every task. Due to this range, our core competences include the food industry and refrigeration technology. We also meet the critical safety requirements for plants in power plant construction or chemistry and petrochemistry, for example.

We deliver on performance.

Whether it's expertly executing weld joints or concluding a project in a timely manner, our mission is always to exceed the expectations of the client. In doing so, it's important to speak a language' and to understand the client. This allows us to gather and utilise all the relevant details. Our experience, close relationship with our clients and numerous successfully concluded projects speak for themselves.

Overview of our core competences:

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